3x L 'Oreal MAJIREL 7.0 intense medium blonde hair colour 50 ml


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Majirel + Majirel A.T. endless colour, intensive treatment with Ionene G + Incell. The white magic of the Create Your Perfect coverage in the colour of the hair. A powerful, intensive, vibrant with global effects in partially in colour. Will look great after colouring, the matter treated and are well protected. Surface oxidation with system Double the charging. – your active treatment selectively (Ionene G + Incell) works in the depth and in surface. Its unique binding the dyes to give your hair a colour's and persistent. Protect the hair to the action of influences such as light and water. Range up to 100% of white hair. Sink, can be left open for up to 3 tones. Exposure time up to 60 minutes experience the best combination of colour and infinite light each colour, intensive treatment with Loneno g + Incell. Caracte Rísticas: – The first colour, the entire glass fibre. – High levels of hardness for a better retention of the reflecting sparkle. – 100% of white hair. – Cream in 50 ml tube. – Majirel is with precision the entire glass fibre capilar thanks to two revolutionary patented treatment molecules of L 'Oréal Professionnel: Loneno g and Incell that Restructuran and strengthen the hair from deep inside. Incell: Innovative molecule works in zone B, the cuticula, to help restore the CEMENTO Genese, leaves your hair strong and dándole cuerpo. Loneno g: is a polymer hundertfach smaller than an classic Polymer, penetrates the zone c, the Hirnrinde, Reforzándola; instructions for use: Preparation: 1 tube of 50 ml + 75 ml – Oxidante 20 or 30 Vol. – Float time: 35 minutes.

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